Over 250 years ago, a British missionary and his wife began a small house church in Bertie County. Despite persecution, its small congregation soon built a one room, 45 square foot building, naming the newly formed church Cashie Baptist, after the river that flows throughout the community. After hundreds of years of service, Cashie carries a rich and colorful history. While our size, demographics, and style of worship have changed greatly over the centuries, our mission has not. We have always strived to create a community of faith where the people of this area can grow in Christ together and know a sense of belonging and purpose. Whether it's the fellowship found in a small bible study, a teaching on Sunday that inspires you, or simply the knowledge that there are people here who care and pray for you, Cashie's greatest strength lies within its people. No matter who you are or where you are in your faith, we have a place for you at Cashie. We hope you'll become a part of what God is doing at Cashie Baptist Church.


Windsor has been home to Cashie Baptist since 1770. This historic town is the seat of Bertie County, an area well known for its picturesque back roads, large tracts of farmland, abundant wildlife, and winding rivers. Despite all the natural beauty found in our community, we believe that our most important resource is the people with whom we share it. Our love for our community has led our Baptist Men’s group to develop a handyman service for families and individuals in need. This group has also formed a disaster response unit and is equipped with a trailer to meet the needs of victims of natural disasters both near and far. Several new outreach efforts have been launched.  Here at Cashie we love to support families and foster healthy homes. Therefore we are working to provide family-friendly events that promote family togetherness and spiritual growth.